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September, 2007:

Kanye West vs 50ct. (a pretty stupid contest)

Or was it 50ct vs Kanye West? I don’t know and I probably could care less but just not that much.

Kanye did win, because he sold more cd’s, and 50ct does not stop making music, because … why would he. All in all it was a pretty stupid contest, with only 1 rule, with pretty stupid remarks from both sides (“It takes a champion to beat a champion!” etc.), decided by pretty stupid people ( What idiot still buys cd’s?!)

You can see a lot of “pretty stupid”s in the former paragraph. Not really a coincidence. Not only because it was pretty stupid, but also because I think it needs to be turned around. Not 1 rule, but more rules, specifically pretty stupid rules. And it should not be decided by pretty stupid people, but by 1 people and that’ll be me.

I cannot be a judge without hearing the music, so I had to download both cd’s. Because they are both popular artists they were not hard to find. That’s 1 for Kanye and 1 for 50.

I downloaded them via Usenet. 50ct came through complete, but Kanye’s cd did not. I had to repair them with 2 par2 files. I didn’t like that, so 1 for 50 and 0 for Kanye.

I created 1 playlist for both cd’s and put it on shuffle. It was absolute horror to find out that the 50ct songs did not contain a single id3 tag. An mp3 without tags is like a horse without legs, like a supermarket without shoppingcarts, like a soccerfield without corner flags, like peanut butter that doesn’t taste like cashew nuts. I gave 50ct 1 point for the smooth download, but since I don’t like the files I have to take this point away from him. So -1 for 50. The Graduation files were well tagged, so Kanye +1.

Hmm I think I’m halfway the pretty stupid contest. So let’s see the results so far.

50ct. 1 point and Kanye leading with 2 points.

While listening at random to those cd’s I heard them both use the name Beyonce. I don’t know the context for either of them, so I can’t elaborate on that. I can say the coincidence is pretty stupid and that adds points to this pretty stupid contest. The coincidence is not that they use the name, but that I noticed it. 50 and Kanye both +1.

In the song Stronger by Kanye he says “you can be my black Kate Moss tonight”. That sentence is pretty alienating. What does he mean by that? I have a few possibilities and they all seem plausible, but of none I’m sure.

  1. KW thinks KM is hot and she’s generally considered a hot woman. So you can refer to her as a hot woman. Yet KW is black and the black community expects him to be loyal and therefor he should be after a black woman.
  2. KW refers to KM’s cocaine usage. He wants a woman that’s a little out of control and knows how to party or something like that. Yet he prefers black women.
  3. He considers KM a girl next door like many people do and he can’t come up with a black girl next door.
  4. I can’t think of more possibilities but there probably are lots of them.

So 1 point for Kanye for this lyric. In no other contest this would have given him points, but this is a pretty stupid contest.

I would like to give 50 some points for his lyrics, too. The thing is I hardly ever listen to lyrics. They tend to be disappointing. A great song can be ruined by listening to it’s lyrics. So you can imagin I do my best not listen to the lyrics of 50 ct. This might seem a bit strange, but it’s very likely you already noticed English is not my native speak and I can perfectly listen to music without translating the text.

I’m through I think. There is not much more to say about Graduation and that 50ct. album. So after counting and re-counting and re-re-counting I declare Kanye West the winner of this pretty stupid contest.

P.s. I liked listening to Kanye’s music in which he seems to have put a lot of effort. That’s not something you can’t say about 50ct. All songs sound dull and effortless. Not one song caught my attention and they all sound like they were made without a spark of joy. A stupid routine like a friends episode, like waking up thoughtless, like watching tv. And he sold over 600.000 copies in the first week and that should score many points in a pretty stupid contest.

Oh Jhon!

A career move by (1 of) the parents of Jhon van Beukering. AH employed (1 of) them.


Mike TDK

Nice kid, allthough now maybe halfway in his twenties. I reckon it’s an old tag. Nevertheless nice to see.

As everybody else I dislike tags sprayed on public property, because usually they are hideous. Still it’s nice to recognize 1.

Mike TDK

That time has come

There were times I thought about starting a blog. And now here it is.

Once I read some guidelines on how to blog succesfully. 1 of the rules was: you have to blog everyday or at least on a regular base. Might be every other day, but preferally at a high frequency.

I’m gonna break with this rule immediately, which is not that hard since I see no goal in becoming a succesful blogger or even a blogger in general.